Hey Kids, Comics! #232 - Period Pieces: When in Greco-Rome

A funny thing happened on the way to the Hey Kids, Comics!  Okay, not so much a funny thing as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston open up a personal "forum" on Ancient Greece and Rome in comics.  This issue continues the time-hopping journey through Antiquity with a look at the influence of the Classics on comic book heroes and storylines.

It would not be a look at this fascinating period of world history without the addition of scholarly guest Kelly Long who joins in to add her wealth of knowledge.  This "Roman holiday" issue of the show brings "Period Pieces" to its middle point and draws illustrates how popular the gods and goddesses of Olympus are to comic book creators.

From Frank Miller's well-known swords and sandals epic to the European import "Asterix the Gaul" there's a whole lot a' Roman goin' on!

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