Hey Kids, Comics! #250 - Amazing Reunioncast


Welcome to another milestone in the history of Hey Kids, Comics! - the 250th issue of the show!

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After a nearly uninterrupted weekly run, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston marvel (no pun intended) at having reached 250 standard issues of the show!  And what better way to celebrate than with a look back?  How about a couple of looks back?


The reunion begins with Andrew and Cole exploring anew issues 219 and 247.  The former was missed by Cole and the latter by Andy, so this was a chance at a bit of a do-over so that they could discuss super-heroes in the real world and the Legion of Super-Heroes together at last.

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Then things get nostalgic as the second half of this double-sized issue kicks into gear with a look at the genesis of Hey Kids, Comics! - Amazing Comicast!  Special guests Rick Gutierrez of The United States of Geekdom and Whadjathink?'s own Mrs. JediCole join in reminisces of Rick's comic book show that brought a lot of still-podcasting fans together with a unified voice.  Learn a bit of the history of this show as everyone shares thoughts and memories from nearly a decade past.