Hey Kids, Comics! #248 - Holy Wholly Batman

"Holey rusted metal, Batman!"  Perhaps one of the only saving graces of Batman Forever was that very nod to the Batman television series of the late 60s.  And it is little wonder that trubute was made to that popular incarnation given its continued influence on Bat-lore.

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This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston talk about the intertwined relationship of Batman in comics to Batman in other media.  One constantly influences the other in many unexpected ways, as your hosts soon discover through their special guest Michael Cross.

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Traditionally a comic character's in-print life dictates the nature of film or television, but in the case of Batman, over a great many decades the reverse has often been the case.  While Frank Miller's "Dark Knight string of pearls" has become a recurring visual, many a character in the Bat comics got their start on television.  And not always with the benefit of being seen on TV first!  From the 60s forward, every incarnation tends to feed those that follow and that becomes the nature of this issue's exploration of the Caped Crusader.

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So put on your Bat-Headphones, crank up the Bat-Volume on your Bat-Computer and enjoy this little Bat-Podcast today!

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