Hey Kids, Comics! #219 - ....And Where Are All the Gods?

Catching up on backlog of unpublished (here) Hey Kids, Comics! issues continues.


Andrew Farmer is off the leash this outing as JediCole was off running Games and Theory at All-Con XIII in Texas and somebody had to keep things going.  By the time this has finally found its way up on the JCU site, All-Con has long since passed, but the fun is still there.  Special guest Jason "Old Hollywood" Adams returns to the fold as substitute Cole and a look at comics and Hollwood (no surprise)!

Your hosts talk "Logan", the future of super-hero films and appeal to Wesley Snipes (among other greatness).  With "Logan" having been the topic of the last episode, the conversation does turn in other directions entirely.

As is so often the case when fanboy minds connect, things go off and on the rails on a constant.  From " to "Powerless" and beyond, this issue may not always be about comic books, but it does deliver on unexpected levels.