Hey Kids, Comics! #225 - Cat Tail

NOTE:  This issue contains adult themes and some minimal language that my not be appropriate for all listeners.  You have been warned!

Welcome to a special issue of Hey Kids, Comics! in which Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore a rare gem in the history of modern comics, "Omaha the Cat Dancer"!

Originally published in 1984, what could have been just another hardcore "dirty comic" would prove to be a compelling drama replete with intrigues, love, death, betrayals, and the inherent hypocrisy of people in power. 

Join your hosts as they bring two unique perspectives on this groundbreaking, often controversial title - that of a fan from the beginning and a newcomer to Omaha.  Discover how a talented team can create an adult-oriented book that rises above its origins and becomes perhaps the most approachable and worthwhile examples of its genre.