Hey Kids, Comics! #229! - Theater of the Mind


Things are about to get surreal here on the JCU!  Amid a boom of super hero television, the small screen's Tanzanite Age, two compellingly different productions have burst onto the scene bringing some of the oddest comic book-sourced material into our homes.  AMC's Preacher and FX's Legion.


The mind-bending psychology of both of these shows compelled Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to talk about both in a single Giant Sized issue of the podcast.  While each is certainly rich enough in content to fill an hour, it seemed best to discuss them as a pair, given their unique status in comic book television programming.


Join your hosts on a journey into the mind and the soul as David Haller and Jesse Custer join forces, if only literally, to blow your mind.  Legion and Preacher offer glimpses into the individual as well as collective psyche in ways that no other show has and all with production design and direction worthy of the Silver Screen.  

Give Hey Kids, Comics! 90 minutes and Andy and Cole will give you one fascinating journey! 

As promised on the show, here are the soundtracks for these amazing programs courtesy of Spotify: