Hey Kids, Comics #227 - The Woman of Themyscira

Welcome to a "wonderful" new issue of the show, this one minus Andrew FarmerWith HKC!'s founder out for a week, Cole "JediCole" Houston takes up the reigns and calls in a special guest host! 

None other than JCU favorite Kelly Long joins the fun as a discussion of DC's Amazon Princess becomes this week's topic.  Wonder Woman's long and storied history is explored, including her creator's seeming fascination with having the powerful heroine in chains more often than not.

From her early beginnings in comics, a mix of the strong and capable with the defeated and subservient, to the various incarnations including everything from being stripped of her powers to taking up the mantle of a statesman, Wonder Woman has a long and unique history to examine.

Join Cole and Kelly as they trace the classical hero's journey from the paradise of Themyscira to "man's world" in America.  The tale of Wonder Woman is truly epic and compelling.  The stuff of modern mythology.