Hey Kids, Comics! #226 - Expanding a Universe

Yesterday, at the time of this writing, the "Fourth" was with us in the form of Star Wars Day.  Now, in honor of Revenge of the Fifth, hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have chosen to take a look at the early days of Star Wars comics from Marvel.


From unlikely beginnings in 1977, Star Wars made its mark at "The House of Ideas".  Despite early misgivings on science fiction comics in general and movie tie-ins specifically, what started off as just an adaptation of a summer film became, for the publisher, something of the blockbuster that the movie became for LucasFilm and 20th Century Fox.


No exploration of Star Wars comics would be complete at the JCU without none other than The Rantcor Pit's own Eddie Medina.  Lending his own experiences with this successful title, that enjoyed 107 regular issues, Eddie also brings along the excitement and enthusiasm of a hardcore fan.


If you like "The Star Wars" and the comics, this is the issue of the show you have been waiting for, and in the midst of two big days of Star Wars celebration in the midst of "May the Foruth Be With You" and "Revenge of the Fifth"!