Hey Kids, Comics! #288 - Horse of a Different Color

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Truly one of the great success stories of comic publishing history is that of Dark Horse Comics! Welcome then to an issue of Hey Kids, Comics! in which your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at this underdog that made it big in a very difficult marketplace and thrives to this day.

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Shrewd choices, ideal licenses, and a respect for comic book creators would become a recipe for success when a former comic shop owner decided to create the kind of comics that simply did not exist. Starting with the anthology series, “Dark Horse Presents”, a little niche was carved out that grew and grew until the market share eclipsed by Marvel and DC would acknowledge one of two indies that upset the status quo.

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From the obvious to the obscure, Dark Horse comics has brought forth many a classic and fan favorite. With license like Predator, Conan, Star Wars, and Stranger Things to bring in the bucks, they have also been the showcase for creator owned projects like Hellboy, Concrete, and Tank Girl. Explore decades of amazing titles with your hosts with this publisher spotlight!

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