Hey Kids, Comics! #258 - That Moment When, Again


There are times when a comic book is more than just a comic book.  The times when the work of writer and artist transcend the medium.  Those moments when...


Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston invite you to join them once again, months after the firs time they took on this topic, to yet again share in their personal moments when a comic story spoke to them in an unexpected or profound way.


Spoiler Alert!

This issue will feature in-depth discussion of specific stories or story arcs from the following comics.  If you are keen to discover these stories for yourself without prior commentary, you may want to do so before you hear the thoughts of your HKC! hosts.


Titles and stories discussed include Marvel Two-in-One, Saga (Volume 3), the inclusion of Watchmen characters in the greater DC Universe, Arkham Asylum:  Living Hell, Starman, and the Time Runs Out story line.