Hey Kids, Comics! #260 - Thou Never Shalt Hear Herald Any More


When it comes to iconic Fantastic Four villains, few fit the bill quite as much as that constant cosmic visitor and hunger-monger, Galactus!  And when comes the Devourer of Worlds first comes his faithful (well, usually faithful) Herald.


With at least ten heralds to date, the job has had fairly consistent turnover since the Fallen One got the Cosmic Pink Slip.  Nearly every herald has, as a matter of course, been an ad hoc Fantastic Four foe, so this issue is HKC!'s way of coming out in support of Marvel's cancelled "low sales" wonder.


Be they walker on air, tamer, lord of fire, or a shiny surfer of the spaceways, if you are willing to proclaim the impending end of a planet, you can get yourself some Power Cosmic action and enjoy (?) the tragic duty of giving folks a chance to kiss their asses goodbye before the big guy arrives to sate his appetite!  Find out more by giving this issue a listen.