Hey Kids, Comics! #264 - Cat Like Part One: Smart as a Whip



Does anything else really need to be said?  Perhaps not, but it did not stop your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston from devoting not one, but two episodes to one of the most famous and enduring of Batman villains.

This issue chronicles Gotham's favorite (?) cat burglar's lengthy career in comics.  From her first tangle with the Batman to the advent of the cat costume to various romances with her arch rival to her disappearance from comics and beyond.  Selina Kyle's alter ego has an amazing origin and a history that is explored from 1940 to the late 60s in as much detail as an hour would allow.

Be sure to tune in next Friday for the second part of this Catwoman-centric tale that leads up to the impending Bat-nuptials as the Kyle-Wayne wedding vows will soon be heard!