Hey Kids, Comics! #266 - Legends in Their Own Toys


A bit overdue, but worth it, the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics! has arrived and it is "Legendary!"


Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are no strangers to Hasbro's Marvel Legends line, a spin-off years ago from a Toy Biz Spider-Man figure series.  They have spoken at length about the line here, on Aisle of Toys, and elsewhere.  Simply put, they love Marvel Legends!  With that in mind it is little wonder they have returned to the topic yet again!


This time, however, they are joined by The Rantcor Pit's own Eddie Medina, a recent convert to this action packed series of action figures!  Eddie brings his own take (and tales of incredible luck on "the hunt" to the table as three collectors share their favorite figures, tales, and want list gems!


Discover the toy line that changed the game for collectors and retailers alike on this special issue of HKC!