Hey Kids, Comics! #302 - Hyperborian Hyperbole

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Welcome to the unofficial “Sword and Sorcery” issue of Hey Kids, Comics! In honor of Robert E. Howard’s birthday (January 22), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are taking a look at the author’s most famous creation…Conan the Barbarian! Conan in comics, that is…

Joining the discussion, and bringing vast knowledge of both Conan and his creator, is Jefferson Harris - Dallas area artist and comic aficionado. Discover how the famous Barbarian found his way to Marvel Comics, the character’s nature as depicted in novels, and just what the word “barbarian” means!

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Expect references to varied incarnations of Conan, from Marvel to Dark Horse Comics to the Arnold Schwarzenegger cinematic epics to the character’s origins as a pulp icon. And lots of Mako impressions!

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