Hey Kids, Comics! Collected Edition #4: Seven Deadlies


Special thanks to everyone who has been patient with Andrew Farmer, Cole Houston, and “Hey Kids, Comics!” as the hiatus continues…the longest in some years. Preparations for game shows, talk shows, exhibitions, and panel moderating at All-Con 2019 continue, so your hosts offer up curated collections of past episodes. Take it from Angelo D’Angelo and Angelo Orangelo, then check out the “trade paperback” below…

And now a classic arc that explores a classic theme as played out in comics. cramming seven sins into five issues!

Back issues include You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry (#67); Enough is Never Enough (#68); You’ve Got What I Want (#69); Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty (#70); and A Big Meal and Then a Nap (#71) from 2013.