Hey Kids, Comics! #312 - In His Hands

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Some hands are deadlier than others. That is certainly what many a foe who fell to the “deadly hands of Shang-Chi - Master of Kung-Fu” discovered over the decades. So it was only natural that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston had to return to Marvel Comics’ most fascinating martial arts hero for one more issue.

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Shang-Chi as a living weapon is the focus of this exploration of the character. Your hosts are joined by comic artist and actual martial artist Bobby Blakey for a discussion of one man at the height of physical condition and martial skill. The deadliest hands (and feet) in the Marvel Universe are discussed along with the importance of maintaining your gi.

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Leaping out of the previous issue of HKC!, a further look at Shang-Chi as the living weapon his father Fu Manchu had forged him to become only to have him turn to good, this proved to be a unique issue of the show that is sure to entertain and inform. And will inspire others to discover one of the most unique comics in the Marvel catalog, or so JediCole certainly hopes.

Leopard Men as promised…

Leopard Men as promised…