Hey Kids, Comics! #321 - Hit the Streets: Two-Fisted

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Put ‘em up! Put ‘em up! There is a unique breed of comic book hero who takes on crime like a man. With their fists! So as “Hit the Streets” continues, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss the masters of fisticuffs.

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Being a street-level hero is tough enough. When you don’t have a lot of gadgets or super powers it can be tougher still. This weeks issue profiles those who ball up their hand into a fist and smack crime down the old-fashioned way. Granted, some can boast a powers along with a good right hook!


Fist-fighting isn’t just for wild west saloons as your hosts will illustrate as they take on the heroes who punch criminals with the might fist of justice time and time again!

Sprit…How did we forget thee?

Sprit…How did we forget thee?