Hey Kids, Comics! #323 - Hit the Streets: Brawling for Dollars

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It is our pleasure to save you, your invoice is in the mail.

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Given the volume of super heroes in comics, both super powered or laden with mega-science and those street level vigilantes that comprise this story arc, it is amazing that any of them have the audacity to demand payment for what the bulk of their ilk give away for free - assuming they are on the scene at that moment. So was “Hit the Streets” concludes, your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston tackle the weighty issue of the for-hire, mercenary type super-hero.

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What compels a hero to have to have a paycheck for their good deeds? What prevents this from being everyone’s approach? These and other on the clock questions will be explored this week on HKC!

Human Target…How Did We Forget Thee?

Human Target…How Did We Forget Thee?