Hey Kids, Comics! #319 - Hit the Streets: Streetwise

HKC streetwise.jpg

The boys fell a little behind schedule, so this will be the first of two issues released this week. And it is the start of a brand new arc!


“Hit the Streets” finds Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston initially struggling to define the nature of this story arc. Concentrating on the so-called street-level heroes, your hosts discovered that they must first determine which characters qualify for such a designation before they could possibly move forward into the remaining issues of this arc.


So this week the conversation centers around working out what characters will have a shot at being profiled as the arc moves forward and which are simply in another league, if not a league of their own. Enjoy this HKC! examination of the super-heroes, powered and normal, who take their brand of justice to the city streets rather than the global or intergalactic theater.

hstreet end.png