Hey Kids, Comics! #326 - Let's Hear it for 'The Boys'!

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In 2008, Garth Ennis’ “The Boys” was optioned for a feature film. That never happened. In 2010 it was again optioned by a film studio. Nothing further transpired. Now nearly a decade later, comic fans have been treated to an original Netflix series based on the unique, violent, and thought-provoking take on the super-hero genre that began back in 2006.

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This week the JCU’s “Boys”, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined by Mrs. JediCole herself, Catherine Houston for a lively discussion of the television series. Discover what a couple of long-time comic fanboys have to say about the adaptation of a comic that only one of them has read! Plus the great insights of someone who literally married into comics and has embraced so much of what they have to offer in and out of the medium.

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SPOILER ALERT! This week’s issue of the show does not hold back, so if you are keen to watch “The Boys” and do not want to know anything, just about everything gets talked about, hinted at, implied, or expressed. You have been warned, you will hear all about “The Boys” this week.

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