Announcing the Official JediCole Universe Forums!

And it’s about time!

While there is an invitation to post comments on the articles and podcasts you find on the JCU site, however the configuration of the comment tag has made it impossible for anyone to follow through.  And of course comment posting allows for only minimal interaction between those who read the articles and listen to the shows.  So I have found a solution to help make this site more fan community oriented – forums!

Beginning today you can start or join in on discussions on a variety of topics on the JediCole Universe Forums (click here to see them).  Several categories have been preassigned but naturally I can’t anticipate everything.  Feel free to discuss all aspects of fandom here and if you feel a new category is needed, write to me here.

You must register to use the JCU Forums but it is fast and free!  Once you have registered you can become an active member of these forums.  The purpose of these forums is to provide a venue for comments and suggestions regarding the site and its content as well as a place for fans to discuss what has them excited at present.  Be it the latest Hollywood blockbuster or just an announcement about a really cool event in your area, everything fandom is welcome here. 

This is a fan-friendly community and I emphasize friendly here the most.  Differences of opinion are bound to occur in a community of such diverse tastes and that is perfectly acceptable.  What will not be tolerated is personal attacks or “flaming” of forum users who’s views vary from your own.  Please also refrain from inflammatory posts on politics, religion, and other social issues that are out of context with this site and its content.  Trust me, there are plenty of forums on the Internet for that.  And finally, keep your posts clean, this is a family friendly site which ideally will be frequented by fans of all ages.

So register today and join the fun.  The forums are a bit underutilized at present but the more fans who register and post, the more the categories will become fleshed out.

Cole “JediCole” Houston