"Hey Kids, Comics!" #0 is Here!

Welcome to the (technically) first issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  As this episode is an introduction to this brand new podcast the numbering will start at zero.  That and as a kind of tribute to the trend toward #0 issues back in the 90s.  This is a comic book-themed show after all.
And on that subject, you might well be wondering what kind of comic book show you have discovered here.  Many answers await you in this episode to be sure.  It is definitely not simply a place to hear about all the latest issues of your favorite titles, described and reviewed ad nauseum.  Hey Kids, Comics! is more an exploration of every aspect of comics, from characters and titles to publishers and fans.  This show will provide engaging discussions about comics, the industry that creates them, and the teeming millions worldwide who are both customer and fan base for that industry.  In the coming weeks  you will be able to enjoy explorations of this kind through episodic story arcs that cover a specific theme with one-shot issues between each new arc.

So again, welcome to the first issue of Hey Kids, Comics!, your podcast comic book magazine show.  Series host Andrew Farmer is joined each week by Cole Houston as they talk comics from a broad base of personal experience and vastly different tastes. 

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the show and join us for each weekly episode of HKC! throughout the year.  And be sure to engage in conversations about the show with fellow listeners in the forums for The JediCole Universe.