"Hey Kids, Comics!" #1 - The Saga Begins

I had once come across a quote that was attributed to a book review by none other than Abraham Lincoln, “For those who like this sort of thing, it is just the sort of thing they like.”  While I’ve never confirmed the veracity of this being an actual quote of the famous President, I have adopted it as a universally sarcastic way to express a personal dislike of or indifference to something without dismissing it outright.  As I reflected on the discussions the make up this first issue of Hey Kids, Comics! I could not help but have this phrase cross my mind.  The particulars as to why will become clear as you listen to the premiere issue of this podcast. 
What begins here is our first story arc, “Comic Shop Confidential”, over the course of which Andrew and I will be hopping from one hot-button issue in comics to another.  From storylines and creators to social issues and the fan base, the first five issues of this series will provide some thoughtful commentary.  The insightful, sometimes controversial, discussions that make up this inaugural arc should get comic book fans really thinking about the medium they love.  – Cole Houston, HKC! Co-Host

And now, without further ado, Andrew Farmer proudly presents Hey Kids, Comics #1: Why I Hate Fanboys!   

Apologies in advance for any echo at the begining of the recording, it does clear up rather quickly.