A Not So Long Time Ago: 1988

Monday, July 16, 2012 is an important milestone for me, JediCole. 

It was 24 years ago that Mrs. JediCole and I got married.  While she was a lifelong Trekkie (and yes, we are old enough to use the proper Gene Roddenberry-endorsed term), Catherine certainly embraced my love of Star Wars.  As she often says, "I married into it."  While that is often the case with spouses of Star Wars fans, in her case she added Star Wars to her repertoire!  She was even the one who suggested the JediCole name in the first place! 

No, we did not have a Star Wars-themed wedding or anything like that.  We do have a bit of a disconnect from our fandom, but we do still celebrate Star Trek and Star Wars as very much a part of our lives.  As well as comics, movies, TV shows, and that intrepid band of which we are a part, the United States of Geekdom!  Not to mention the over 20 years we have teamed up as convention vendors, content partners, and promoters plus two amazing years operating the A Piece of the Action Collectibles Mini Store in Arlington.

And now we ask that you join us in celebrating 24 years of marriage and all the amazing things that have happened and great friends we have made in that time.

Thank you for everything Mrs. JediCole!