Hey Kids, Comics! #2 - What's So Bad About Human Sexuality?

“I prefer the dirty version!” – A nun on Monty Python’s Flying Circus just before being knocked out by a boxer.

In an often socially uptight culture like that we have here in America, sex can be a major point of contention.  From nudity on television to movie stars and newscasters being “outed”, there is always some aspect of human sexuality that causes controversy and leads to heated debate.  Comic books are no exception to the rule.  In fact, given their origins as “funny books” marketed more toward children than adults, many still cannot grasp the modern comics industry that has increasingly recognized a much more mature readership.  As a result, the introduction of sexuality into comic plotlines is often the most controversial move.
In this issue Andrew and Cole take a look at sexuality in comics.  Are publishers maturing with their readers in their approach to human (or in some cases super-human) sexuality or does it all just come down to using controversy to make an extra buck.  The high-profile revelation that Green Lantern is gay brought DC Comics tremendous media attention and got the hero back in the public eye.  But to what end?  This and other issues surrounding sex and sexuality in comics are the focus of this amazing new issue of Hey Kids, Comics!