A Super Thank You to a Super Super-Hero!

The following people have (collectively) four thumbs AND the SDCC Exclusive Marvel Universe Masters of Evil boxed set – Hey Kids, Comics’ own Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston!  And this all thanks to the magnanimous assistance of their favorite super-hero, PurrKayla!

PurrKayla is the feline super-hero who always lands on her feet and is the official super-hero of the United States of Geekdom.  And on Friday, July 13, 2012 she was prowling the show floor at the San Diego Comic Con with the Mattel booth in her cat-like sights.  She crept up and pounced on a pair of these great exclusives and obtained them on behalf of your intrepid (and SDCC deprived) co-hosts.  She really made their day when she phoned call direct from San Diego with the news. 

Her generosity and willingness to jump paws first into the toughest assignments have made PurrKayla something of a legend.  We are very lucky to count her and her human Tom among our friends.  Thank you guys! 
- Cole and Andrew (and everyone at The JediCole Universe)