Hey Kids, Comics! #6.2 – Fails to Astonish! Part 2

“I can’t afford modern toys.” – Tommy Lee Jones as Eddie Mallard (Gotham)

As if Andy and Cole, along with their guest Rick Gutierrez, had not dredged up enough of the scum of the toy industry in the last issue, the second part of Hey Kids, Comics! #6 scrapes the bottom of the barrel for even more!  How do you top such toy travesties as Kalibak’s Boulder Bomber or Ninja Iceman?  The answer is simple – look beyond the obvious comic book favorites to toys based on characters that have enjoyed a place in comics as well as in cartoons.

In this issue your trio of toy terror delve into the worst aspects of Playmates’ prolific Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hasbro’s G.I. Joe lines.  Join us as we talk up the fearful asymmetry of those “Heroes on the Half-Shell” and the unthinkable martial mayhem of the “Real American Heroes”.  The shudder-inducing toys found within these lines were pulled from the depths of the past to be revealed anew.  Tune in and find out exactly which G.I. Joe figure is considered the lowest of the low!  To know how bad that line got really isn’t even half the battle!

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