Hey Kids, Comics! #7 - Star Wars Colebration: A Case Study in JediCole Houston

"You just watch yourself.  We're wanted men!" - Dr. Evezan (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)

Welcome to a special, unique, and a bit off the beaten trail issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  As a change of pace Andrew takes on the sole hosting role and turns the tables on his co-host and producer.  Cole "JediCole" Houston is the special guest of this special post-Star Wars Celebration VI extravaganza!

Learn more than you ever thought you would about half of the HKC team.  What makes JediCole...well, JediCole?  Andrew has been party to a lot of the tales told in this episode and they are finally being shared with our listeners.  Get to know JediCole a little better with this very special interview with an unabashed fanboy!