Something Big Has Arrived...THE RANTCOR PIT!

It is Saturday and as promised the reveal of that something big is here at last.  Welcome to the first installment of a new monthly show on the JediCole Universe Podcasting Network, The Rantcor Pit!

Once a month I will be returning to my Star Wars roots with a half-hour show in which I rant and rave about all things Star Wars.  After nearly 35 years as a fan, collector, and occasonal writer on the subject I am going to take my thoughts into hyperdrive for your listening pleasure.

If you share my passion for Star Wars this could well be the show you are looking for! 

´╗┐The Rantcor Pit features Cole "JediCole" Houston and is produced by Andrew Farmer.  Special thanks to Rick Gutierrez of The United States of Geekdom for leveling and compressing the audio file in the nick of time so I could air this show today! 

The Rantcor Pit art was created by Bobby Blakey of BDG Studios.  Check out his webcomic Last Stop as well as other fun things like BDG's mascot Doug the Gorilla's movie reviews.  You may know Bobby from countless conventions, most noteably All-Con Dallas as well as Strip: The Dallas Webcomics Expo.  He does amazing work and is available for comissions, so be sure to contact him today!