TV v JT Episode 1: Do It Yourself

Welcome to episode 1 of TV v JT, a podcast dedicated to television. I will cover all topics associated with television, including reviews, previews, in-depth analysis, production, commercialism, and generally prodding around the medium.

This week, Andrew and I approach one of the founding principles of the United States: self-sufficiency. The mantra during the creation of this nation involved rolling up one's sleeves and accomplishing greatness. We stood up to the world's most powerful bully to gain our independence; we plowed through thousands of miles of swamp, mountains, and desert to create one of the most fertile lands on the planet; we forged cities and dams from the blood of hard work and raw determination. In essence, our national motto could very well be converted from e pluribus unim to operor is vestri, "Do It Yourself".

Therefore, when an entire television network nominates itself as the "Do It Yourself" network, you'd expect a hurricane of hard labor broadcasting 24/7. Instead, what awaits you is a destruction of the fabric of what those words mean. Indeed, the most basic of verbs, "do", fails to be represented at any point during a 24-hour period of programming on this horrifying network. Andrew and I will discuss one of the worst offenders on the DIY Network, called Yardcore.

To soften the otherwise harsh chastisement of television, we also take a glance at our favorite reality show, Master Chef. I do apologize for posting this later than planned, the finale has already aired. Therefore, no spoilers!

A regular segment on the show will be dedicated to the best and worst commercial campaigns airing on TV.

If you like what you hear and wish to suggest your favorite commercials, please drop a comment here or visit my website at! Thanks again to the Jedi Cole Universe for expanding your network to accommodate the likes of myself and TV fans everywhere.