Hey Kids, Comics! #12 - Comics, Commerce, and the All-Mighty Buck: Pandering for Paychecks

“It’s all about the money, boys!” – Daniel “Big Dan” Teague (O Brother! Where Art Thou?)

While the various cover enhancements and other gimmicks of the 90s would eventually lose favor with collectors, there is always that tried and true means to generate interest and bolster flagging sales – controversy. 

Be it the death of a beloved, long-standing hero, revealing the secret sexuality of character, or introducing a new character of eyebrow-raising ethnicity, newsworthy maneuvers in comics can send sales soaring.  But at the end of the day (or the month?) has anything truly been achieved.  Is a fleeting sales spike really a triumph?

Foil enhancements and pack-ins are not the only way to drive sales.  Andrew and Cole take "Comics, Commerce, and the All-Mighty Buck" full circle in this concluding issue of the story arc.