TV v JT Episode 3: The Emmys

Welcome back to TV v JT. This week we honor the most important night for television come every year: the Emmys! Unfortunately, both Andy and I were very disappointed with the results. Among the most upsetting outcomes was the Emmy for best lead in a comedy series, which goes to John Cryer this year for his role in Two And A Half Men.

Other disappoints include Bryan Cranston not winning again this year for his role in Breaking Bad, the utter lack of nominations for Game of Thrones, and Homeland sweeping everything (even though nobody has ever seen it).

Hats off to the Emmy board for this one.

Also, I do apologize for skipping a week. I thought it was already done, and I did not realize that an entire week passed from my last show. Time sure does fly.

This episode really highlights how incredibly exhausted I was during taping...

Hope you enjoy the show, and see you next week!