Half-Ass Roundtable Needs You!

After an absence of close to a year the “sink-or-swim” interactive show that brings three seasoned podcasters and one special guest together is coming back!  But to do so we need some new material.  And this is where YOU come into the picture.

If you are unfamiliar with Half-Ass Roundtable, the mechanism is fairly simple.  Cole “JediCole” Houston and Andrew Farmer of the United States of Geekdom and JCU along with Stuart Baulk of the Midnight Movie Cowboys and a different guest each episode discuss a single topic for half an hour.  The catch is that we do not know the topic until just after we start recording the show.  After the secret topic is read we have a strict 30 minutes to carry on a genuine discussion (or fail miserably in the attempt).  All topics are sent in by listeners and readers from the various websites and go to Mrs. JediCole for review and inclusion.  She then forwards them to me in emails that are given color coded subject titles.   None of these emails is ever opened by me until they are selected by the Half-Ass Roundtable panel for reading.

Anyone can submit potential questions though we do ask you to limit your initial submissions to no more than four at a time.  This way we do not, by accident, select the suggested topics of only one contributor every single time.  Once all of your topics have been used in episodes additional topics can be submitted.  Topics can range from a specific movie, television show, or comic or a broader topic specific to fandom, filmmaking, or other geeky issues.  Please do not send in topic suggestions on politics, social issues, or other worldly topics as this is not that kind of show.  When you submit a topic suggestion (or up to four different ones) please be sure to include Half-Ass Roundtable in your subject line and include the name and any other information you wish to have read on the show if your topic is selected.  If you only want your first name read please include only your first name.  City and state or even a website you are associated with are also great things to include.  Send topic suggestions to the following email address ONLY:

If you send more than one topic suggestion they can all be included on a single email.  Mrs. JediCole will separate them into individual emails when they are color coded for potential use on the show.  If you have only one or two suggestions send them now and if others come to mind you can always send them in separately, but only four will be considered for inclusion in the topic pool. 

Send in  your suggestions today help The JediCole Universe bring back a great show!