Half-Ass Roundtable IV - This One's For You, 2012!

By tomorrow the year will have passed so Cole, Andrew, and Stu just had to get half-assed!

Ten months later a second Half-Ass Roundtable for 2012 has been convened!  In fact it is only the fourth HAR to have been produced since the show was founded in June of last year.  In 2013 it is our hope to rectify the twice-a-year trend and bring you a minimum of four Roundtables annually. 

This show is essentially listener driven and as such we need your help.  Half-Ass Roundtable is a challenge for seasoned podcasters who are faced with putting forth a full half-hour show without any foreknowledge of the topic at hand.  The topics are provided by you, our listeners (send yours to mrsjedicole@yahoo.com).  All questions are screened by Mrs. JediCole then color-coded and sent to Cole for selection on the show.  All that the co-hosts know in advance is that there are a specific number of emailed questions to choose from that have unrelated code names.  

Once one is selected and read they have 30 minutes to provide a viable show on the topic, sink or swim.  Going into this episode they were three for three.  Will they make it this time?  Of course you may wish to enjoy our previous episodes before taking this one on, or you can jump right in and come back for what came before.  Here are links to those episodes should you wish to enjoy them and perhaps find inspiration to send in your own topics.  

(NOTE: Bear in mind I don't censor or reign in the hosts or guests.  There is some language that is not appropriate for the little ones and some of the concepts may be a bit shocking to some.  This is a damn good show and the most organic and off the cuff of any show I've been involved with.  If you pass this up for content you are missing something pretty spectacular, but that is your choice and we respect it.) 

I: Where to Begin?  
II: What the Hell Happened to My Villains?!
III: Reports of Its Demise Were Exaggerated

And now, episode four: