Hey Kids, Comics! #24 - HKC! Presents #2: That Darn Bat

It’s Q&A time again at Hey Kids, Comics!  As promised, Andrew and Cole are returning to the listener mail bag to give their take on the burning questions of fans and friends of the show.  The Dark Knight Detective seems to be much on people’s minds as two of the three questions posed are Bat-themed.  Give  a listen to the questions asked (in recorded form in the voices of those asking) and hear what your hosts have to say in reply.

f you would like to be a part of the fun, send your questions to JediCole with the subject “Hey Kids, Comics! Presents” and we may just get in contact with you to record your question for inclusion on a future issue of the show.  Ask about your favorite characters, storylines, or just about anything comic related.  We really want to hear from you and possibly make you a big part of the fun.