Hey Kids, Comics! #25 - Cinema Obscura

It may seem rather soon to have another issue of Hey Kids, Comics!, but not to worry.  We fell behind a bit and this just puts us back on schedule.

Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Superman, and Thor have all made their mark over the years as they made the leap from the pages of comic books to the big screen.  But not all comic book-based movies had such high profile origins.  Less well known comic characters like Hellboy and the Mask have been given the silver screen treatment.  But even lesser known comics have caught the attention of Hollywood filmmakers over the years.

Andrew and Cole are joined this week by Josh Alpert for an exploration of the hidden gems of the comic book industry that proved box office gold or poison for many a studio.  From Road to Perdition to Tank Girl to Art School Confidential, these and other titles that many comic readers have never encountered went on to grace the big screen.  Learn more about them on this special issue of Hey Kids, Comics!

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