Hey Kids, Comics #28 - It Came From the License Part 3: Reading Your Movie Night

Welcome to the twenty-eighth issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  Our current story arc has taken us from all things Star Wars to the realms of television show inspired comic books.  Now, with a little help from a good friend, we delve deeper into licensed comics with a look at films that became more than what you saw on the big screen thanks to the comic book industry.

Stuart Baulk of Midnight Movie Cowboys takes a big step outside of his normal subject matter and finds himself immersed in a new realm of the silver screen.  The cinema came home in a unique way for decades before the proliferation of home video courtesy of a variety of comic publishers.  While many have adapted what you saw on the screen to the page, more often than not, comics took the characters and situations of film and expanded on them.  

Join Andrew and Cole, along with special guest Stu, as they discover even more movies became comics than they ever imagined!