All-Con 2013 Update: The Doctor is...Out

Sad news on the Texas convention front, especially for my personal favorite convention, All-Con.

As previously reported here, All-Con 2013's headlining guest was Sylvester McCoy of Doctor Who and The Hobbit.  As Mr. McCoy is a much sought after working actor, work comes before fan events of the likes of conventions.  All-Con have recently received the news that Sylvester McCoy has signed for a new role that has a filming schedule between February 23 and March 29, 2013.  

This of course has Mr. McCoy in the midst of production during the course of the All-Con weekend.  All pre-sold VIP passes, autographs, and other paid events have been refunded by All-Con and all all announcements have been removed from their site.  This is the official announcement taken directly from said website.

Many of us love Sylvester McCoy for his years as Doctor Who (7th Doctor) and new fans adore him for his current role as Radagast the Brown in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. Mr. McCoy is very fan-focused, but he is also an actor in very high demand. This morning we had this waiting for us in our in-box: "I am writing this with very bad news... Sylvester will need to cancel your show as he has just got the lead in a film in the UK and he starts filming on Feb 23 through March 28 and of course work comes first... He sends his apologies."

All-Con has backed out previous announcements and comments about Mr. McCoy's attendance from our website, blog, and FaceBook, not to try to try to distance ourselves from this unfortunate turn of events, but so that as we continue to promote the new people we reach won't see the posts and use them as a basis to attend.

All tickets already purchased to Mr. McCoy's Private VIP Panels and Fan Dinner, along with advance sale autographs will be refunded within the next 24 hours. (We're starting now, but it will take us several hours to get through them all.)

None the less, All-Con has a tremendous amount of content that makes it well worth the price of a weekend pass.  Want to know more about what All-Con offers you?  Visit Convention Awareness Project - Texas in the coming days and weeks for an ongoing series all about this amazing show.  And while I am a bit biased (being head of the Games and Theory Department and all), I also know that this is a convention unlike any other in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or indeed in Texas.  There are over 250 different things going on during the weekend...under one roof...for one great price!