The Collectors Piece - Who Watches Matty Collector?

After over a quarter century of waiting the dream action figure line of fans of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' master work, Watchmen, is going to be a reality!

Chances are we will NEVER get the Owl Ship,  but then again, who knows?
Mattel Toys will get our new year off to a great start with the first release from their Club Black Freighter line of action figures based on the designs from the comic series, not the movie!  Tomorrow, January 15, 2013, this exciting line will have its first offering, Rorschach, made available starting at 9 AM Pacific.  
The $25 price tag (plus shipping) may seem a bit steep at first, but consider a few key points.  The average retail price of Mattel's DC Universe figures was close to $20 when they were still being produced.  Add to this what will undoubtedly be a much smaller production run than those figures produced for the toy and department store market and the price seems much more reasonable.  And finally, DC Direct had promised a line of action figures based on Watchmen back when the title was approaching its 20th anniversary, but cancelled the project when Alan Moore withdrew any support for DC's planned celebrations.  Collectors have waited a long time for figures of this kind and this limited 6" figure line is an answered prayer at any price.  Rorschach will come packaged in a unique book-like box that includes an oversize trading card.

While subscriptions to Club Black Freighter (which ship two weeks earlier than general orders) have long since sold out, you can order your Rorschach figure on Tuesday by clicking here to take advantage of the offer while supplies last.  It is recommended that you order as soon as possible once this figure becomes available as DC figures from Matty Collector tend to sell out quickly.  

This line will expand throughout the year with Dr. Manhattan being offered in March and other figures likely being put up for orders every other month through the end of 2013.  Six figures (undoubtedly the principle characters) are slated for release in this series, though there is hope that other characters from the Minutemen or Ozymandias' feline companion, Bubastis, may become part of a 2014 expansion.  But that is simply wishful thinking at this point.  The Collectors Piece will be reporting on future releases of Watchmen figures so keep an eye out here for further news.

Also being released on Tuesday are Blue Lantern Saint Walker from the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths line and Netossa from the Masters of the Universe Club Eternia line.   

UPDATE!  Less than 12 hours after the Rorschach action figure offer went live it was confirmed as SOLD OUT!  It may have sold out much sooner, though I have it on good authority that it was still available at least two hours later.  If you are not already on the Matty Collector mailing list I highly recommend that you sign up to get a timely announcement for March's release of Dr. Manhattan. - JediCole