Hey Kids, Comics! #26 - It Came From the License Part 1: Hey Kids, Star Wars!

Due to a variety of unforseen circumstances that seemed to pile one on another this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! has been delayed up to this point. 

Original material is certainly the backbone of comic book publishers, but it is not always the whole back!  Sometimes to punch up the line-up being offered to readers the decision is made to seek elsewhere for subject matter.  And that somewhere is most often the realm of licensing.  Be it television shows, a popular series of novels, hit movies, or even an action figure line, there are always resources out there that fit the bill - a price!

This new story arc, "It Came From the License", will focus on the various avenues of licensing that have been tapped by comic book publishers over the last few decades.  And there is plenty to talk about as Andrew and Cole delve into comics from not only Marvel and DC but also their contemporaries like Dark Horse and publishers from the past like Dell and Gold Key.

To launch this new arc your hosts are joined again by Steve McCauley who brings a special history with Marvel Comics' Star Wars line to the preceedings, getting Andy off the hook for a decided lack of such familiarity with the line.  From the adaptations of the original trilogy of films to the strange directions that Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, and the droids were taken between features, there is a long an storied history of Star Wars in comics that continues to this day.  In fact the saga has almost certainly spawned the single longest running movie to comic license in the history of comis!  So join this trio as they talk up, primarily, the life and times of Star Wars at Marvel.

This guy's Star Wars connection will make sense when you hear the episode.