Hey Kids, Comics! #33 - To Kill a Robin

Better late than never!

With All-Con prep, the show itself, and the recovery I've fallen a couple of issues behind on the schedule for "Hey Kids, Comics!"  Luckily we recorded this episode early against just such an emergency!

In this case we recorded an episode in response to the leaked information that the current Robin, Damian Wayne, was undoubtedly going to soon be the late Robin.  Rather appropriate that this issue ran late, eh?

It seems that to don the green, red, and yellow gives one a fifty/fifty chance that they will be killed in action.  Andrew and Cole explore the colorful history of the Robin Hood-inspired sidekick.  Who has taken up the mantle?  Who has survived and even thrived?  Is it a good idea to recruit children into the danger-ridden field of super-heroics? 

This and more is explored in the latest issue of The JediCole Universe's own comic book show!