Hey Kids, Comics #34 - Secret Origins of Hey Kids, Comics!

Welcome to a most unusual issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  As with comic books themselves, sometimes you just have to run a reprint of an older issue to fill in the blanks and keep up the schedule.  In this case a recording from the archives is going to become a special episode of the show.  

So if you are wondering why so much of this is so dated, well, this show was kind of a prototype for what became Hey Kids, Comics! that Andrew recorded some time ago with Stu from Midnight Movie Cowboys.  So enjoy a brief glimpse into the show that was practice for all that would follow.  Our issue #-1 if you will.

Update: Thank you to Stu for pointing out on Facebook that the original recording was made back in August 2011.  The first issue of HKC! as you know it debuted on the JCU Podcasting Network on Wednesday, July 4, 2012.  So the recording below is darn near two years old.  Thank you also to Stu for holding on to it all of these years and remembering it was still out there somewhere.

Warning, the "s-word" is used.