Hey Kids, Comics! #35 - The Ballad of Bobby Blakey or What Do You Do With a Big Dumb Gorilla?

There is an alley that is peopled by a curious collection of denizens.  But this is not some dark passageway filled with shifty characters, instead it is well lit and awash in colorful images.  It is the Artist Alley at almost any convention.  And from such a unique environment we bring you an infrequent resident, one Bobby Blakey.
You may not know Bobby or know if his work, but you should.  If you have followed this show or many of the features of The JediCole Universe then you have seen his art.  The banner headshots of Andrew and Cole and the Rantcor are both fine examples.  After all of the work he has done for this show and site and indeed for other JediCole pursuits, often on quite short notice, it was decided that the HKC! spotlight needed to shine on Bobby, who graciously put his head on the chopping block (we had to got there considering the self-portrait he sent when one was requested) and tossed it about for an hour.

And now we give you a glimpse at the most self deprecating artist we know…

Want to get to know Bobby even better?  You can find his work, past and present, by following these links: 

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