Hey Kids, Comics! #37 - From Funny Books to Graphic Fiction Part 1: Children of the Yellow Kid

Welcome to the latest Hey Kids, Comics! where yet again the issue number is off in the recording but accurate here.  By the time we get to #38 this should all be worked out.  Sorry for any confusion.

What is not confusing is the topic of the next five-issue story arc to hit this series.  In this arc, "From Funny Books to Graphic Fiction", Andrew and Cole explore not only the history of the comic book but also its evolution as a creative medium and its subsequent perceptions by the general public.  

As pointed out in this initial episode, this is not going to be a ponderous attempt at exploring a chronological narrative of the comic from its humble beginnings to its place as an industry among industries in entertainment.  Instead the goal is to touch upon where comics came from, where they have been, and to a lesser degree where they are going.  All of this brought together under the umbrella of specific periods and aspects of the genre.  

There is a lot of four color ground to cover and the time-spanning journey begins right here...