Hey Kids, Comics! #38 - From Funny Books to Graphic Fiction Part 2: Seduction and Salvation

The latest story arc for Hey Kids, Comics! kicks in to full swing as we explore various aspects of how comic books as a medium have been perceived and how misconceptions have led to difficulties.  From 1954’s Seduction of the Innocent to the decline in attitudes that comics are “just for kids”, join us for an overview of some trying points in comic book history.

The birth and fate of the Comics Code Authority is examined along with the necessity of an organization that is vital to the comic book retailer.  Andrew Farmer is on a temporary hiatus from the show so this week Cole is joined by a very special guest, Catherine “Mrs. JediCole” Houston!  With her knowledge and insights on the subject at hand she proves to be the ideal substitute Andy for this compelling issue.

Learn more about and support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund by following this link.  This organization fights censorship, champions the First Amendment Rights of writers, artists, and publishers in the industry, and most importantly offers legal representation for comic shop owners persecuted (via legal prosecution) by local government that still looks upon comics as a children’s medium and comic shops as easy targets.