Hey Kids, Comics! Annual #1: The Best Comic I Ever Read

Podcaster, artists, and fans!  Oh my!  That’s who we have on board for the very first Hey Kids, Comics! Annual

Fifty-one issues (including our introductory #0) and a year have passed since Andy launched this unique approach to podcasting about comics.  In that time we have sought to help expand the experience of reading, collecting, and, above all, enjoying comics.  And now Andrew and Cole have invited some friends of ours to join us with their own personal experiences as comic book readers.  “The Best Comic I Ever Read” is the theme and our myriad guests each have a tale to tell with this in mind.

Everybody has a favorite.  Be it a single stand-out issue or a title that has always delivered, comic book fans all have a story to tell when it comes to their top book.  The subject matter runs the gamut from mini-series to individual stories to amazing story arcs that took a title in a whole new direction.  This invitational special should give some insights into some of the best that the industry has offered and perhaps inform your next pursuit of a really worthwhile read.  

Special thanks to our guests Bobby Blakey, Catherine Houston, Eddie Medina, Jason Dilworth, Josh Alpert, Kelly Long, and Rick Gutierrez for sharing their insights and experiences with some amazing comics.