Whadjathink? - The Lone Ranger

Empire of the Fun

Welcome to the installment of Mrs. JediCole's new show, Whadjathink?  Catherine “Mrs. JediCole” Houston, along wiht JediCole himself (for this episode) and one special guest talk up a current film they have seen very recently.

This time Catherine and Cole are joined by 501st Legion member and all around geek David Petty.  The topic of discussion this outing is the return to the big screen in a most unusual way of a western icon in The Lone Ranger!  This informal group will discuss both the Jonny Depp and Armie Hammer wild western, but also the concept of going to the movies because it is fun!  As always with this show, intimate details of the film in question will be part of the discussion, so be warned, spoilers abound.  If you have not seen this movie and do not want anything revealed that you don’t already know, please bookmark this show and listen to it when you have seen The Lone Ranger for yourself. 

SPOILER ALERT!  You have been warned.  Now enjoy the show!