Hey Kids, Comics! #65 - Comics That Go Bump in the Night

The groan of a creaking door and a wicked laugh are punctuated by peals of thunder as your hosts brave the dark, the macabre, and the down right scary world of horror and suspense comics.  Do you dare to ply your way through the Gothic crypts, gloomy chambers, haunted houses, ancient labyrinths, and  fog-shrouded graveyards to be found in the pages of both pre-Code and contemporary comics?   

Join Andrew “Phantom of the Catacombs” Farmer and Cole “The Cackling Creeper” Houston as they delve into the frightful corners of graphic fiction.  But they are not having to go it alone!  Colleen "Queen of the Night" Medina joins this journey into mystery.  Just imagine them with the lights turned off and flashlights shining under their chins to set the mood for this look at the creepy, crawly, spooky, and scary.

Special thanks to Bobby Blakey for the incredible "spooky" flavor art for this issue!