The Rantcor Pit 2: Star Wars Comes Home

It's Rantcor Pit time again!
Original art by The Rantcor Pit's own Eddie Medina.
Following the successful re-launch of The Rantcor Pit two weeks ago, Cole Houston and Eddie Medina return to the bit to check out all things (or as many as possible) Star Wars merchandising.  As the products that bore the Star Wars name were a vital part of elevating the film to pop-culture phenomenon status, it seemed only fitting to delve into that aspect of the Saga on our second episode.
With such a diverse and storied topic at hand it was important to bring along a friend who's encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars products would prove a necessity.  That friend is none other than the incredibly knowledgeable Geoffrey Carlton, author of the popular Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook series! 

Sit back and prepare for a trip down memory lane as hosts and guests touch upon the many ways in which fans everywhere could take the Saga home with them in the form of toys, collectibles, foodstuffs, comics, housewares, and a myriad of surprising items that have graced our galaxy since 1977.