The Rantcor Pit 1: A Long Time Ago

Welcome to the return of The Rantcor Pit in its new and improved format!  
In its original incarnation this show was a solo podcast featuring me, JediCole, effectively ranting about something Star Wars related.  This lasted for all of two episodes before various other projects got in the way.  After a several months without a new edition and failing to ever articulate a rant on the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, I determined to let The Rantcor Pit simply fade into obscurity.  

Naturally that was not going to be quite so simple.  In fact the title of this feature alone was too good to let go, though the presentation was in desperate need of an overhaul.  The last edition of this feature was published on my birthday last year, so just over a year ago as you read this.  In the mean time Andrew Farmer's incredible comic book-themed podcast Hey Kids, Comics! had become the most actively produced feature on this site.  As the first anniversary of that show was looming it occurred to me that a two voice talk show on the subject of Star Wars would be far more engaging (and rewarding) than the "one man rant" that had started this feature.  

There is simply too much ground to cover when it comes to the cultural phenomenon that gives this website its name to be limited to infrequent diatribes on my part.  The change in format for this podcast was then, inevitable, but where to start?  That question will be answered in this first episode where I reveal how I arrived at asking Dallas-based artist Eddie Medina to be my co-host on what I hope will be a podcast favorite among Star Wars fans.  That we are wading into a pool already well peopled and replete with giants who have been at this for a decade or more is not lost on me, but then what would The Rantcor Pit be without facing down seemingly impossible odds?  

So sit back, give a listen, and never tell me the odds as Eddie and JediCole take you back to 1977 with a very personal tale that started a long time ago...

Look for new episodes of The Rantcor Pit every other week right here as part of the ever-expanding JediCole Podcasting Network.  The new format will be accompanied by a new logo that premieres with the next episode on November 1, 2013!

As promised, click here to read the United States of Geekdom article mentioned on this podcast.

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